Satellite of Love <<TORGO>>

Welcome to Satellite of Love << TORGO >> FC website ^-^ Here you can view our rules, see our upcoming events, and apply to join our FC! Click on about us to learn more!

About Us

We're a small, casual FC on Jenova server on FFXIV looking to grow. We like to make puns, jokes, and have fun while we do content and help each other.

We have a discord which is our main means of communication and we usually use it for text so don't be afraid if you don't like voice chat :)

Being a small guild, we have a larger social Linkshell we utilize if we want friendly people to run stuff with. If we're quiet, we are either offline (but can be reached on discord), running something that requires our attention, or simply afk. Chat! We don't bite (usually)

Aside from our monthly movie nights and weekly RP nights, we also host these types of events regularly:
Escape room / Murder MysteryCostume ContestRacesLarge-scale FC plotHoliday Parties... and more!

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